Are You Living Your Passion Everyday?

When did you know what your passion was?  Do you even know now?

Do you rise each day feeling grateful, positive, loved, and open to what the day will bring?

What is Your Passion?

Guitar in sky
Music is my life!

For many years my passion was music, singing, and sharing my love of these two things with anyone who would listen.  I woke up singing as a child, was scolded in grade school for singing and talking out of turn.  I signed up for every musical, choir and acting job that I could, hoping that my voice would move people – and it did.  After performances, even as a 6 year old child, people would come up to me and say that my voice was like that of an angel.

My choirmaster in church, when I was 9, would stop practice when I was chatting and force me to stand up and sing for the group.  Little did he know, this was what I wanted, and I would belt out his chosen selection (that he didn’t think I had practised) so sweetly that the look on his face was all I needed to feel as if I had WON that battle.  As I grew up and ventured on my own, I continued to sing.  I joined choirs in churches, sang loudly on Sunday mornings and loved being able to praise God with my voice.   My heart was whole when there was a song that I could sing.

Singing in the car!


There came a time in my life when someone who was very important to me told me that it bothered them when I sang all the time.  All of a sudden my happiness, that was tied to this simple pleasure, was adjusted in such a way that it became a sort of guilty pleasure that I could only do when alone in the car.  I would have to curb my desire to sing, even just quietly, under my breath, when I was around them.  Over a period of 10 years, my passion was squashed.  The odd time I would get in front of a mic, with a karaoke machine and belt out a song, but it was not without a twinge of guilt.  I didn’t feel worthy, I wasn’t feeling joy.  It was repeated to me over the years that my singing annoyed them.  It broke me.

Things have changed now.  I sing some.  I sing more, but with each day, my heart sings when I wake up because life is beautiful. I have more positive people in my world, they support and love me, and I do not allow them to dictate whether I sing, wear purple, dye my hair or eat oysters when I feel like it.   Are YOU living your passion everyday?   Please let me know what your passion is, in the comments, and how you are living it, embodying it, and sharing it every day.



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2 thoughts on “Are You Living Your Passion Everyday?

  • March 2, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    You even sing when you write! I can hear the song in your voice! My passion is floral photography. Stress fades, and I am rejuvenated.

    • March 4, 2015 at 11:33 pm

      Thank you Ruth! Now, do you know that about me? That I actually AM a singer? Someday, we will meet, and we can both sing! <3 S


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