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How do I find my Passion?

It occurred to me that we are constantly reading and seeing things that tell us to follow our passion.  Find our passion.  Live our passion.  Be true to our passion.  The problem that many of us have, is understanding just what our passion is?

Inspired Horizon
Simplicity, nature, breathing. These are Keith’s passions.

Is it the love that we have for our family, our children, our parents and siblings?  Is it the food that we eat that makes us feel so amazing when we are eating it?  Is it the feeling after spending quality time with people that we care about and feeling satisfied in our lives each day?  Is it the birth of a new cow in the barn, or is it the tiny tender green shoots that push up through the earth at the beginning of spring?  Is it that bike ride that we take at 4:30 a.m. before anyone else is up, on a dewy spring morning, with the sun rising in the sky and each beam beating down on our face with the waking of the new day?  Before we can know what our passion is, we have to understand the true meaning of the word.


Peace in Algonquin
Peace, fulfillment, simplicity, helping. These are Sarah’s passions

The word passion has become commonplace lately, as so many words have over time.  I still remember as a teenager when the word “awesome” became used on a daily basis, to describe a meal, a new outfit, or a song that was being played on the radio. Over time, the word “Awesome” has ceased to mean what it was originally designed to mean – something that inspired awe.  Something that took your breath away when you experienced it, something that very few people would experience in their lifetime, like a live volcano erupting in front of your eyes, a massive tidal wave taking over a town, a sunset so pure and brilliant that you cannot speak while looking at it, yet the word awesome is being used to describe the most basic daily activities.

When I look at the word passion, and research it from the 12th century, it comes from the latin root passionem – meaning ‘suffering’ or ‘enduring’ as it would relate to the suffering of martyrs and Jesus Christ.  Towards the 13th century the meaning became more of that of strong emotion, desire, and eventually became linked with the sense of sexual love.  Today, passion can be defined as “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything” (  

So we are left with this.  Strong.  Extravagant fondness.  Enthusiasm.  DESIRE.  Again, remembering the danger of what happened with awesome, let’s be clear for a minute. We live in a world of extremes, where we use words like enthusiasm to describe how we feel about a slice of good toast, or that we are enthusiastic about a class we are going to attend.  Enthusiasm should rock us to our core!  It should leave us feeling that if this thing doesn’t happen, we will be despondent, devastated and left empty.  Desire should be so intense that our bodies are in a state of vibration so high at the thought of this thing that we are passionate about.

What are YOU passionate about?  What fills you with such longing, such strong desire and enthusiasm that you want to share it with everyone around you?  Is it just one thing, or is it a suite of things and ideas that join together to make YOU who you are?

Once you can define your passion, you can begin to share it with others.  I asked some friends to answer the question “what is your passion”:



I hold a huge passion for giving back; For being the best person i can be; For leading a creative life; for with working with limitations…educating others how to do so also. Passion is what releases each breath and then pulls in for more – Ali

I am passionate about Animals and their journey in this world, to keep them Safe to Rescue as many as possible…..Also in helping others, in times of need, whatever it may be…helping others/animals is “Home” for me…Passion for Forgiveness, someone will always need it – Debbie

I am passionate about health and wellness and raising awareness about how our food supply has been contaminated by big Corps for the sake of money – Stephanie

The one thing that I become more and more aware and really passionate about it – is girls/women who are used for sex trafficking. Don’t take me wrong, not those who choose that path but those who are forced since little girls. Just breaks my heart and I’m looking to see how could I make a difference in this. Also I’m more and more upset( that’s usually when I become passionate about something) about how the government puts businesses (Pharma, food industry, etc) ahead of the well being of people who voted them in. I hate corruption with passion and I see it more and more and it bothers me a lot! – Piri

I’m passionate about sharing ideas. Curiosity, particularly for young people, is the best teacher- Alison

My passion is helping to inspire girls to be proud of who they are. To help build their self esteem and to know they can be whatever they want – Angela

What does it take to find your passion? 5 steps

Discovering what you are passionate about is a process.  Every day, you will ask yourself if this is it.  Is life what it is meant to be? Am I experiencing all that the world has, is there more that I need, or am I happy with what I have?  Now, if you could live your life, without ever having to worry about money – what would you be doing?  Right now, what would you be doing?  You have zero limits, you can do anything that your heart desires.  This thing that you would do, this is your passion.   Here are some steps to discovering YOUR passion:

Follow your passion
Follow your passion
  1. Be Quiet – Allow yourself to be at peace with the world, with your surroundings, with your body, and take some time to meditate on where you are right now, at this moment in your life.  This first step, while seemingly simple, could take a long time.  Answers do not come immediately for many.  We are inundated with information every moment, and allowing our minds to clear will begin to allow the ideas to flow.  If you can physically move away from people and things and technology this will help you to begin to listen to your inner voice.
  2. Ask Questions –  Dig deep for this one.  What intrigued you as a child?  Why?  When are you at your most positive?  What speaks to you and encourages you to do more?  What activity fills you with the most positive feelings?  Do certain colours speak to you?  Are there sounds that make your heart smile?  Begin to compile a mental list of all the answers, or even better, write them down in a journal.  NO filter.  No judgement.  No negatives.
  3. Research – When you begin to find those things that you know keep you motivated, keep you wanting to learn more and have you getting up early just to work on, begin to research them. Brainstorm with others.   Is this something that I want to be able to share with others, and live everyday?  Are there others who are struggling with this very thing that could benefit from my knowledge and thirst for knowledge of it?
  4. Feedback – Ask your friends, your family, your network, strangers, and people on Social Media about this.  How can your love of this help others?  Will this be something that you can do, write about, share, and live and still work your day job? Ultimately we would all love to find our passion, and then use that to make a living.  Is this realistic?  If you have researched, looked for ways that this can help people, and if you have the in depth knowledge of your passion, there is no reason why you cannot use it to enrich others lives, and make a living with that knowledge.
  5. Summarize – Begin to build your niche.  Your passion is not the same as anyone elses, but it is comprised of elements that others can also envision as what moves them.  Write out your ideas and begin to see how can you take this idea and build on it?  Is this something that you have loved as a child?  Something that you dreamed about?  Something that you would move heaven and earth to do every day if you could?  Perhaps you want to be travelling, exploring other cultures and countries.  Perhaps you want to be building something that will make a difference in your life, or the life of someone else.

Imagine if your Work could be your Passion

Now what if you could wake up every day, knowing that you would be sharing with the world what you love, teaching them the finer points of what speaks to you, and being able to do this without needing to clock in to a job.  When I asked my friends above about “what does passion mean to you” I also asked them if they could make a living from their passion, would they.  I’m blessed to say that many of them already are.  Whether it is a passion to help others to live healthier lives, or support young women to be confident, or to help animals that need it and rescue as many as they can, what you are passionate about can inspire others, and, in turn, can allow you to share with the world through the written and spoken word, through ideas, designs, products and support that you can give to others in their journey.

Are YOU living and working your passion?  I am every single day.  Let me know what your passion is in the comments below and how YOU are on the road to living and working it.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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6 thoughts on “Find your Passion in 5 Steps – Live it everyday – Share

  • March 23, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    At the risk of leading with a cliche, this piece is inspired. I sincerely can’t think of another word that best fits the emotions that were evoked after I read it. I smiled as I thought about how words lose their sacred meanings through the minefield of overuse. The writer of this piece wants what’s best for you. She’s asking: What’s your passion? My passions, I’ve come to learn, are as multi-faceted and as complex as my personality has been from the time I was a child. I was always told I was the ‘different one’ in the family; the proverbial ‘black sheep.’ Over the years, I’ve come to embrace and accept and celebrate the fact that I’m passionate about life: my marriage; my children; my family; my work in disability management; my work in the media; my friends; my social outlets. I always say I’m working for me no matter what I do as I know if I’m not feeling the passion, neither will those around me.

    • March 23, 2015 at 11:25 pm

      Thank you Liz, I am so glad to hear that this piece spoke to you. Writing about passion in this sense is such a challenge. Feeling it is the easy part, describing it is difficult.

  • March 24, 2015 at 8:07 am

    What a great article Sarah. Thank you for sharing & Inspring others to Follow their Passion!


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