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Our life - Perfection.
Our life – Perfect

Inspired Success

I am always amazed to see people in our world who are chasing success.  The pursuit of “things” that leaves them empty, the desire for status, power, or recognition that leaves them on a constant frantic hunt for more.  They are living a life uninspired, always wanting more.

We all need money to live.  This is a truth that we cannot deny.  In today’s world, to survive, we require this tool that enables us to live our lives.  Many of us have a relationship with money that is toxic, because it represents what we cannot buy, cannot attain, or cannot achieve.
Custom Fence work - our passion
Custom Fence work – Our Passion

Finding a method to ensure that the money comes to us, while still maintaining our strong principles, keeping our passion alive, inspiring others and being inspired, and never wavering from this PURPOSE, has been a struggle for Keith and myself.  We have everything physical that we could possibly need, but our passions lead us to do MORE.  Travel MORE, and see MORE in this world.  I spent a lot of time and energy online and with other professionals, learning how to ensure that my website for our bricks and mortar contracting business we run, would be on top of Google for every search people made.  Keith suggested that I find some local class that would teach me how to do this, but there was nobody teaching this in one place that I could find.

I did the hard work.  I stayed up late nights writing and rewriting posts to ensure that they had all the elements that I needed for the perfect SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the proof was in the pudding.  The phone rang, constantly!  Soon we had hired excellent staff, and projects were coming in faster than I could send them out.

Every time I would spend a length of time searching for training on how to increase traffic to my site, I had to sift through lots of shiny websites, full of promises of quick online success.  I knew that I needed a place to train me, to show me how to maximize traffic to my site, and to give me hands on training on how to build a WordPress website from the ground up.  All I found were shiny promises!  For some reason, our lifestyle and values were just never swayed by photos of handsome men in Bermuda shorts drinking a glass of champagne with a beautiful woman at his side at the prow of their yacht.  This is not our goal in life. Inspiration in sunlight

Our goal is to always be successful, always be inspired, always be empowered and able to help others, always be healthy and have access to healthy food and space to keep our bodies active.

We knew that the way that we were going to continue to have that additional income stream to supplement our life, was going to be through hard work, sticking to our principles, continuing to look for and find inspiration in everyday moments, and to share this with our friends and family.  We live in a big world, we are surrounded by incredible supportive friends and family, and lets face it:

There are some incredible opportunities out there for those who are prepared to work for them.

My search led us to Wealthy Affiliate University.  I’ll admit, the concept of the word “Wealthy” threw me off a little.  I guess I was brought up to NOT talk about money.  I’ve just finished talking about why I did not want to be that champagne drinking yacht lady.  However, money is a requirement to keep a roof over our heads,  healthy food in our bellies, keep clothing on our family, and allow us to spend our time discovering this incredible earth that we live on.

We wanted one place that would teach us the tools to be able to build a website, draw traffic to that website, and provide a stream of income from this traffic.

We wanted a supportive, positive, and friendly community which allowed us to help others as well as ourselves.  We were not afraid of hard work, and loved the idea of one place that would teach us how to build a quality WordPress website from the ground up, for FREE.  Here is an excellent video that teaches you how you can build your own WordPress website in less than a minute, for absolutely FREE!  Just click on this picture.  

How to build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds
How to build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds

Wealthy Affiliate takes care of the hosting of your sites (up to 50 in total!), and the support you will receive from the community and ME, is unsurpassed.  Keep this in mind, we had already spent tens of thousands of dollars having our business site built, and people wanted to charge us to do the SEO to have our page on the top of Google.  With the tools you learn at WA, you will be able to do all this yourself, in your own time, on your own schedule.  You will determine how successful it is, because it will be your work that goes into it to make it work.

I am personally inviting you to have a look around Wealthy Affiliate.  If you found this page from my Youtube Video,

Please message me by leaving me a COMMENT BELOW to see how you can use WA at absolutely NO COST to you!

This is a solid program that will teach you what you need to have a successful website online.

Finding your niche that you are passionate about, and building a website to share this information, and then learning strategies to make this website grow to a point where it can give you a regular steady income are all covered in the training at WA.  I was skeptical, I searched around for reasons why I should NOT do this, but after having spent money over the years to have beautiful websites built, I have learned a way to do this work myself, and take these tools and trainings and apply them to my existing sites, generating even MORE traffic than I had before!

Please do me one favour, when you have had a chance to look around WA, would you look me up there?  I go by the handle fitmomuv3 and will be happy to answer any questions you have while you are there!






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