For years, our children have asked us how we manage to live the life that we do, while seemingly having an effortless job.  As far as they are concerned, we don’t work, we just surround ourselves with positive people, go to meetings, get dressed up for events, and do a lot of cooking and baking here at the house.  We have never wanted for anything, we pay our bills, we travel, we eat well, and have a very comfortable lifestyle.

Algonquin Inspiration
Algonquin Inspiration

From the very beginning, when we first met, we knew that we both wanted a few basic things in life.  Everyone has the basic physiological needs for food, shelter and warmth, and, as Maslow so practically noted in his Hierarchy of Needs, for Safety, Social,  Esteem and Self Actualization.

What we also knew, was that neither of us was impressed by, nor did we desire, the trappings of today’s version of “success”.  Socially we desired positive and deep friendships with people who shared our vision of positivity, simplicity, and the wish to grow intellectually through each other, and learn from each other.  Emotionally we were confident in our relationship, both with each other, and with our families. Spiritually our beliefs differed, with Sarah having a Christian faith, and Keith believing more in the power of Nature as his guide, but we each respect the other’s beliefs.   Our common desire was for simplicity, in our day to day life, and overall to have no complications.



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